May 19, 2015

MARLENKA Enteprises has teamed up with Indigo Memoirs to run a new competition. So we are giving one lucky winner an exclusive Marlenka® goodies Gift Box RRP £86.91!

You can win the opportunity to sample all the goodness of Czech patisserie! This comprehensive box contains a number of goodies worth over £80:

  • 1x Honey Cake 800g
  • 2x Baby cakes 100g
  • 2x Honey Nuggets
  • 2x Snacks
  • 30x Belgium Dark Chocolates
  • AND 1x Marlenka® VIP card RRP £50

Marlenka® have enjoyed increasing popularity worldwide, thanks to the unique taste, rich flavour and soft consistency of their range. All Marlenka® products contain only the best quality and carefully selected finest natural ingredients. Absolutely no preservatives or Artificial Colours are used in the making of Marlenka® foods and they are also free from alcohol, animal fat or GM ingredients.

Your gift set will benefit from an extremely long shelf life of up to 90 days at ambient/room temperature due to Marlenka®’s unique vacuum and O2 absorbent packaging technology.


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