September 24, 2020

Proud to be a partner of The Lacrima Foundation

For the past year, MARLENKA Enterprises has been a proud partner of The LACRIMA Foundation, supporting the work they do, with main focus on the conservation and protection of honey bees by applying the ancient method of rewilding. That’s why we’re donating all proceeds from the sale of the Bracelet to Lacrima’s charitable foundation, The LACRIMA Foundation SCIO

Now, more than ever, the bees need help and support.

The Foundation work with local partners to develop an understanding of how to improve the health of the bees sustainably. In doing so, they aim to make a fundamental difference to beekeeping communities globally.

Together, we can help to transform beekeeping communities by raising people’s consciousness through a holistic approach to beekeeping and thereby reminding about the long-forgotten instincts and the true understanding of intricate interrelationships, and life processes in nature which work in such a wonderful manner..


The LACRIMA Foundation SCIO is a new non-profit organization that is helping to address the critical state of the health of the bees by applying the ancient method of rewilding.

There are many additional ways you can support these efforts including:

  • Raising funds
  • Getting your business involved
  • Volunteering your time and skills

To learn more about The LACRIMA Foundation, what they do, and how you can donate, take a look at their site.


For all the latest updates on The Lacrima Foundation, check out their social media and join the #LacrimaChalenge on Instagram