Bombus Raw Energy Bars


BOMBUS are healthy energy bars made only from a very few ingredients of the best quality. They contain no added sugar, no preservatives and are gluten-free and lactose-free. Our bars are not heat processed and therefore maintain the original characteristics.

BOMBUS provides fast supply of healthy energy for all active people as well as people with health limitations or those on alternative diets. Our bars are suitable for vegans, vegetarians as well as celiac people. If used as a healthy snack in any weather conditions, you will not be disappointed.





BOMBUS Raw ENERGY: Coconut & Cocoa


A refreshing tropical taste of coconut and cocoa. It is possible to experience healthy pleasure practically at anytime and anywhere. This energy bar of RAW products from the complete heat unrefined and natural ingredients will provide you with not only gorgeous taste but also much needed healthy nutrients and valuable dietary fiber. Satisfy hunger, fill up even with small quantity and during physical or mental activity quickly deliver much needed energy.

BOMBUS Raw ENERGY: Cocoa & Cocoa Beans


Cocoa and cocoa beans bar is made of a real super food – which unroasted cocoa beans certainly have. This bar is recommended by BOMBUS to all lovers of chocolate in its purest form. It is the best for a supply of energy and fight with tiredness. Cocoa supports concentration and primarily helps you to cheer up! This bar is full of amazing flavor of unroasted cocoa and it fills you up even in a small quantity.

BOMBUS Raw ENERGY: Maracuja & Coconut


Passionate combination of pure passion fruit, coconut, and dates gives you a reliable source of natural energy, one and only taste, and health for your body. Dominant taste of passion fruit is composed of more than hundreds of natural substances. Passion fruit is beneficial for the proper functioning of metabolic processes and overall energy conversion in the human body.

BOMBUS Raw PROTEIN: Peanut Butter


Protein bar is great for body, with fantastic taste. It contains only natural ingredients, with peanuts flavor. It is suitable for intensive sports training as well as normal allday physical activity. Included rice protein is digested slower than whey or egg protein and contains all essential amino acids for muscle regeneration. Sugars from dates will provide body with needed glucose and the “right fats” from peanuts will ensure adequate supply of lost energy without putting on weight.



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