WALDEN® Organic Ice Tea

Walden Organic Ice Tea available through MARLENKA UK


WALDEN® is a delicious non sparkling Organic Ice Tea. Walden Organic Iced Teas range has been developed and are inspired by the experiences of poet, writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau. He spent two years in a self-made hut in the middle of a vast forest, pursuing a famous social experiment about immersing in nature. Thoreau's legendary book describing his experiences has been named 'Walden' and it's ultimate tribute to nature and pure life.

WALDEN Organic Ice Tea is available in two flavors: Lemon & Lemongrass / Peach & Jasmine

WALDEN Organic Ice Tea comes in minimalistic 250 ml glass bottle. 


Why buy our WALDEN® Organic Ice Tea?

  • Healthy alternative to soft drinks
  • Exclusive brand and bottle design
  • All ingredients are Organic and Pure
  • Easy to store
  • Consistent quality of taste
  • Long shelf-life outside the fridge


 WALDEN® Organic Ice Tea: Lemon & Lemongrass


 WALDEN® Organic Ice Tea: Peach & Jasmine