Apple Pay is coming to the MARLENKA UK online store
September 12, 2016

Apple Pay is coming to the MARLENKA UK online store

All our customers are now able to use Apple Pay to pay easily and securely through MARLENKA UK online cake shop.

There will be no further need to manually enter credit card information or shipping address, if a customer decide to pay for their order using Apple Pay.

Using just a phone and fingerprint allows shoppers to securely provide all necessary information to the payment gateway.

More on a Customer Experience...

When a customer visits MARLENKA UK online Cake Shop, they will see a button with the Apple Pay logo on the checkout page:

If the customer clicks the button, then they will see the shipping rates for their selection, as well as the shipping address they've loaded into Apple Pay. The customer will be asked to use their fingerprint to authenticate the purchase. After the customer finishes the authentication, the purchase is complete.

 Let your checkout be painless, lighting fast and more fun!