Google Pay is now available on MARLENKA UK store

March 21, 2018


We are introducing Google Pay for our online shop to pay easily and securely.

This will open our door to millions of people who already using their Google Account to shop online with a fast, simple checkout experience on Android devices.

Google Pay lets our customer instantly access payment and shipping information already stored in their Google Account for accelerated checkout.

There will be no further need to manually enter credit card information or shipping address, if a customer decide to pay for their order using Google Pay.

Let your checkout be instant, accelerated and lighting fast!

Google Pay now avalaible on MARLENKA UK store


Please NOTE: We are busy updating the store for you and we will be back by 10th August 2021.

What's happening: Unfortunately the site is down for a bit of maintenance right now. We'll be back by 10th August 2021

Estimated downtime: from 27 July 2021 to 10 August 2021

And to thank you for your patience we'd like to offer you a £5 discount to use as soon as we are back! Deal? Please enter your email below.