The road to the success is never easy but always rewarding - MARLENKA Enterprises
August 01, 2016

The road to the success is never easy but always rewarding - MARLENKA Enterprises

GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2016: 4 gold stars for 3 exceptionally good MARLENKA products

For the second consecutive year, the excellent quality and taste of MARLENKA® products has been recognised in this year’s Great Taste Awards. Receiving more awards this year, than in the last year. MARLENKA gained a total of 4 stars, across 3 different products!
Seen as the fine food ‘Oscars’, this is the largest blind food awards and their gold stars are recognised by the world’s greatest food producers and consumers alike.
The Great Taste Awards are decided by a notoriously critical panel of food judges and this year only of the handful of entries were accredited with golden stars.
The Big Winner
This year’s big achiever, with not 1 but 2 golden stars, is Gluten Free Honey nuggets MARLENKA®
Dr. Vince Moucha, MARLENKA Enterprises founder and CEO says: “The Great Taste Awards have always been very important to us. By inviting a discerning and distinguished panel of Great Taste judges to taste MARLENKA products, it’s a great way to ensure that MARLENKA global standards just get higher and higher every year. We´re proudly displaying our gold stars, so MARLENKA fans can pick any MARLENKA products knowing that they’re about to enjoy the very best cakes and confectionery there are”.
2 star performer
Gluten Free Honey nuggets MARLENKA® – delicious truffle like honey nuggets, presented in lovely packaging are made according to a traditional Armenian family recipe. They are filled with the special cream mixture creating unique and overall interesting taste and texture.
1 star performers
Gluten Free Honey cake MARLENKA® with nuts and Honey nuggets MARLENKA® with cocoa were all awarded one golden star, crediting them with the simply delicious stamp.
The whole MARLENKA product range is currently available in the UK at via MARLENKA Enterprises UK Direct Sales Office.
Gluten Free honey nuggets MARLENKA
Gluten free honey cake MARLENKA with walnuts