Another delicious Gluten Free MARLENKA product launch!
November 20, 2015

Another delicious Gluten Free MARLENKA product launch!

Gluten-free honey nuggets MARLENKA® will be launched in the UK two weeks before Christmas...

Here we are again sharing this fantastic news with you as we're about to launch our second Gluten Free product this year - Gluten free honey nuggets MARLENKA.

The NEW Gluten-free honey nuggets MARLENKA - truffle like cake filled with delicious cream with touch of a honey will be produced in a new packaging box which will be marked with a large green gluten-free label. 

This product does not contain any artificial colours or preservatives, the same premise that is valid for the rest of the MARLENKA® products range. 

 Thanks to the technology, production and raw materials used, our products have a unique durability:

  • 90 days when stored in the temperature regime 2°- 24°C
  • 6 months when stored at a temperature not exceeding 8 ° C
  • 12 months when stored at a temperature not exceeding -18 ° C

The Gluten-free MARLENKA will be widely available in the UK from our outlets, business partners and retailers from 10th December 2015.

Gluten free honey nuggets MARLENKA