February 24, 2021


New Cinnamon flavored products will be launched in the UK soon...

We'd like to break this fantastic news to you as we're about to launch our two new products - Honey cake MARLENKA with Cinnamon and Honey nuggets MARLENKA with Cinnamon.

Due to market's increasing demand for a new MARLENKA honey based products, we have decided to begin production of Cinnamon version of our classic honey cake and nuggets MARLENKA. 

This cake does not contain any artificial colours or preservatives, the same premise that is valid for the rest of the MARLENKA® products range. 

Thanks to the technology, production and raw materials used, our products have a unique durability:

  • 90 days when stored in the temperature regime 2°- 24°C
  • 6 months when stored at a temperature not exceeding 8 ° C
  • 12 months when stored at a temperature not exceeding -18 ° C

Both Cinnamon flavored MARLENKA products will be widely available in the UK from our outlets, business partners and retailers from 11th March 2021.

Honey cake MARLENKA with Cinnamon

Honey nuggets MARLENKA with Cinnamon