April 20, 2017

MARLENKA brand received yet another prestigious Award!

MARLENKA has been crowned at Superbrands Awards 2017

Superbrands is a listing of the Czech's strongest brands, published annually since 2013.

To qualify for this prestigious title, brands have to pass several rounds of selection including a GfK consumer survey. Brands do not pay or apply to be considered.

Furthermore, the brands are independently chosen by an Expert Council, consisting of top business, communication, marketing and media professionals. 

This Award only proved, that MARLENKA brand is on its way to become leading global brand, confirmed not only by the opinion of the consumers but also by Expert professionals.

To learn more please visit http://www.czechsuperbrands.com/superbrands.php?m=323&k=6

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Marlenka Superbrand Award 2017

Marlenka Superbrands Award